Sound engineer Mike Duffy explains his role in Zeitgeist's upcoming Early Music Festival celebrating "The Electronic Age: Medium and Message."

I'm working with Zeitgeist on four pieces for the Early Music Festival concerts: Stockhausen's Mikrophonie I, Lucier's Music on a Long Thin Wire and I Am Sitting In a Room, and Reich's Pendulum Music. All of them use relatively simple systems to call attention to things we miss in ordinary listening, amplification of small sounds or the overlooked sound of the spaces we inhabit. I'm particularly excited about installing and performing Music on a Long Thin Wire; I'll be spending time searching for combinations of oscillator and amplifier settings that produce fascinating interactions with the wire suspended over the audience in Studio Z.

Mike Duffy and Pat O'Keefe examine the electronics behind "Mikrophonie I"

Zeitgeist Early Music Festival
The Electronic Age: Medium and Message

April 5-6, 7:30 p.m.
April 7, 2 p.m.
Studio Z

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